The Most Unbelievable Sports Betting Wins Ever

We all fantasize about the big win and making money with ease. That is why we carefully track the odds, put our bets, and wait for the match resolution with bated breath. As the final whistle sounds, we imagine that it will also mark the victory of a lifetime. This is definitely something that everyone wants to happen, do you agree? 

Some fortunate bettors were lucky enough to hit life-changing jackpots. It is a reality that has changed their lives. Let’s look at some of the most significant victories in sports betting history and find inspiration in them so that you can safely place bets on the coolest online betting site and try to land a massive win.

Grandpa Places a Future Bet to Beat Them All

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the United Kingdom, and when Harry Wilson was born, Grandpa Peter Edward was certain he was destined for success on the field. Mr. Edwards was so certain that, in 2000 (when Harry was still a toddler), he went to the bookies and bet £50 (about $67) that the kid would play for his national team, Wales. The odds were a touch long at 2,500-1, but he was certain it would pay off.

A Fast and Furious Future Bet

In 1998, Richard Hopkins had a similar premonition while watching his son, Evan, race a young Lewis Hamilton at a go-kart track. Hopkins, certain that Hamilton had a promising future, put three different wagers on the emerging racing sensation. The first was a £200 (approx. $270) wager that Hamilton would win Formula One before turning 23, followed by a £100 stake that he would be World Champion before the age of 25. Hopkins was so certain in his predictions that he put an extra third wager of £50 that Hamilton would win both.

Hamilton made Hopkins £40,000 wealthier when he won the Canadian Grand Prix in 2007 at the age of 22 and £50,000 richer when he finished first in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008 at the age of 24. This means Hopkins’ third bet earned him an extra £75,000. You can also follow his example with the coolest live betting

£5k Earned in 11 Minutes

During the 2010 African Cup of Nations, Mali faced Angola at home. The consensus was that Angola would walk it. And with 11 minutes remaining in the game, it definitely seemed that way. Mali was four goals behind, and Angola was only minutes away from securing the triumph that everyone anticipated.

At this moment, one of the spectators decided to make an in-play wager on the match, ending in a tie. So the punter (who preferred to remain nameless) placed a fiver on the result. By the 79 minutes, Angola had a 4-0 lead. Many thought the game was over. The Angolan supporters definitely appeared to believe so. But this is a warning to all football fans: it’s not over until the last whistle sounds. Mali miraculously scored four goals to tie the game in injury time. Our anonymous gambler received a cool £5,000 in exchange.

When Faith in Family Pays Off Well

Back in 2014, a father stepped into a bookmaker in Northern Ireland and asked for the chances of his son (then a 15-year-old unknown adolescent) winning the British Golf Open within the next ten years. The bookmaker tossed out odds of 500-1. The father obediently put down £200 and went, holding his betting slip.

That guy was Gerry McIlroy. He was the father of a golfer who won the Open in 2014. And the name of this golfer is Rory McIlroy. Gerry believed in the talent of his son, and he wasn’t wrong. He won just on the edge of the 10-year threshold, just as his father had predicted a decade ago. Gerry won a staggering £100,000 on his bet.

Charles Barkley’s Super Bowl Victory

Charles Barkley has been inducted into the Sports Betting Hall of Fame. While he is most known for his betting losses (which reputedly totaled about $30 million), his enormous victory after Super Bowl 36 generated quite a commotion.

Barkley won both bets after betting half a million on the underdog New England Patriots to upset the St. Louis Rams and another $50,000 on the money line. The dispute stemmed from the fact that Barkley did not have enough credit at the Mandalay Bay sportsbook to pay the wager and had not signed a marker. Of course, the bookmaker was hesitant to pay up but ultimately caved in, and Barkley collected his $800,000 winnings.

Win Some, Lose Some

One thing we can say for sure is you cannot be sure to win with 100% of your bets. Even the brightest bettors with the largest bankrolls lose. Nevertheless, it is not a reason to say “NO” to sports betting. There is always a chance for you to win if you do it smartly.